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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources

Administrator & Supervisor Resources

Help! Who do I call in IFAS HRD&I?

New Update to Search Processes:

Since PI’s are considered a component of the hiring authority, they cannot serve on the search committee for a position that is paid from their grant or in their program. The committee must consist of at a minimum three people (search chair + 2), and all must have no binding input on who is hired.

Search Advocate Required on all Search Committees for tenured positions effective May 2019

2022 Search and Screening Guide

Click here to view the most recent Search and Screening guide

Faculty Search Process 


The Nepotism (Employment of Relatives ) form must be filled out in its entirely. All forms must include an organizational chart and documentation of a search process.
Children of faculty may not be hired or volunteer in the same department as their parents.
Volunteers must follow the same policy as employees unless the volunteer opportunity is regulated under the auspices of a specified volunteer program.

Outside Activity

IFAS requires two forms to process outside activity requests:
IFAS form
UF form
Workshop Sample Scenarios

IFAS New Administrator Training

The Right to Manage
A Practical Guide to Fair and Legal Supervision
Managing Staff and Faculty at UF: Leadership Tools

Ethics Resources

UF library guide on the Responsible Conduct of STEM research.
Responsible Conduct of Research training that is available through MyUFL and CITI.
This training is a requirement for PIs and all scientists working on NSF, USDA and other grants.
Library guide specifically devoted to Ethics

Detailed Tenure/Promotion Information for Chairs and Unit Leaders

Tenure/Promotion Permanent webpage

Using the IDEA 360 Evaluation Process

Department heads utilizing the IDEA 360-degree feedback  system need to ensure that its employees understand exactly what the 360 process entails, what is expected of them, and how it will benefit them. That way everyone can truly prepare for the process.

How to Conduct a 360 Evaluation Using the IDEA System

Additional Resources

Forms, Policies, and Procedures

Benefits and Retirement

Diversity and Inclusion