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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources


Frequently Asked Questions

Address Change

  • How do I change my home address in the system?

    Contact your department personnel liaison and submit a new W-4 card.

Direct Deposit

  • How long does it take for the direct deposit to take effect?

    In most instances, if your authorization is received by the 10th of the month, the direct deposit will take effect the next month or within three weeks. If it takes longer than this, contact the University of Florida Payroll department at (352) 392-1231 or Suncom 622-1231.

  • How do I make changes to my direct deposit?

    You will need to obtain a Direct Deposit Authorization form either by going to the University of Florida Division of Human Resources Web Site or through your personnel representative. After the change is processed it will take approximately three weeks to take effect.

  • What if I am unable to establish an account for direct deposit?

    Employees who are unable to establish an account at a financial institution must request a letter from the institution stating that the employee was unable to open an account.  The letter must be faxed to University Payroll and Tax Services at 352-846-0166 in order for the employee to be exempt from the University’s direct deposit requirement.


  • What are my leave balances?

    The balances are provided on your on-line pay stub in PeopleSoft with each bi-weekly payment. You may also contact your departmental leave keeper.

  • If I were to cease employment today, how would my annual and sick leave be paid?

    Faculty, Staff (both Teams and USPS) – Lifetime maximum cash-out amounts of 200 hours for vacation time.

    No sick leave cash-out is provided when an employee leaves UF (except for in unit faculty - IFAS is not an in unit college)


    An employee receiving a leave cash out of $5,000 or greater will participate in the Special Pay Plan.  Fidelity Investments is the plan administrator for the University of Florida.

Social Security Card

  • What if the person I want to hire does not have a social security card?

    A person cannot be added to the University payroll without a social security card. The individual must go to the social security office and get a signed, stamped verification of his/her card information. This verification cannot be used for I-9 (Immigration Verification) purposes.

    Foreign national employees who have received a letter from the Social Security Administration stating there will be a delay of one month or more in receiving their Social Security number (SSN) may be issued a temporary number to be used to pay the employees until the SSN is received.