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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources

Faculty Search Process 2024



Preliminary Administrative Approval (1 week)

When a vacancy is established, either for a replacement or a newly established position, approval must be granted by the Senior Vice President, in consultation with the deans. 

Pre-Search Preparation (2 – 4 weeks)

The unit leader selects a search committee chair and committee members.

The search committee develops a recruitment plan that includes the job description used to advertise the position, basic qualifications, advertising plan, and criteria used to determine which applicants will be selected for interviews. If tenure track, utilize Search Advocate program.

Final Administrative Approval (1-2 weeks)

Once final paperwork is submitted to IFAS HR, the position detail form and final position description are sent to all Deans and SVP for final approval. 

Advertising the Position (4 – 6 weeks)

Once the position description is finalized, the position is posted on the UFHR career website by IFAS HR, with final approval by UFHR. 

Candidate Review and Semi-Finalists Interviews (2 - 6 weeks)

After the committee determines there is a viable applicant pool, committee members review application materials and make recommendations of applicants who warrant further consideration. Phone or video interviews may be conducted with semi-finalists. 

Finalists Interviews (4 – 10 weeks)

Three to five candidates are selected as finalists for on-campus interviews. The candidates generally stay overnight in Gainesville, and the interviews last one business day.  Interviews include meetings with the chair, deans’ representatives, search committee, and department faculty as well as a presentation/talk open to faculty, staff, and students. Tenure track candidates also meet with an Associate Dean in all three Dean’s offices. Feedback is collected after the interviews.

Researcher Screening and Offer (1-2 weeks)

Prior to making the offer, the unit leader consults with the deans (via submission of the Pre-Verbal offer form ) about the selected candidate and general terms of the offer. The unit leader offers the position and negotiates the details of the offer.  Once the offer is accepted, a start date is determined. Unsuccessful candidates are notified.

Start (2 – 3 months, or start of semester)

For 12-month positions, the start date is generally 2 – 3 months after the offer.  For 9-month positions, the start date is generally January 1st or August 16th.