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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources

University Term Professorship Award program

University Term Professorships are awarded to tenure-track faculty members to recognize and reward faculty achievements. The purpose of these awards is to recognize recent contributions and provide incentives for continued excellence. Each University Term Professorship award includes a $5000 (gross) annual salary supplement for a period of three years. A maximum of 250 new University Term Professorships are awarded annually across the university. In addition, UF/IFAS is committing up to two awards annually to Extension Agents in a permanent status accruing position.

  • Eligibility

    Tenure track Assistant, Associate and Full Professors and Assistant, Associate and Full Curators in the fifth year (or more) of service at UF

    Permanent status track Extension Agent II, III and IVs in the fifth year (or more) of service at UF/IFAS

  • IFAS Process

    Once the IFAS deans have been notified by the university of the allocation of University Term Professorships and the number of awards available to IFAS, the deans will solicit nominations for candidates from IFAS unit leaders.

    For each nominee, the following documents are to be submitted:

    • A completed University Term Professorship Application form
    • A signed letter of nomination from the unit leader that documents the candidate’s qualifications for the University Term Professorship
    • A brief CV using the IFAS template

    Nomination packets will be reviewed and ranked by the IFAS Honors and Awards Committee for tenure track faculty. Permanent status track faculty will be reviewed and ranked by the UF/IFAS Extension Awards Committee. The Deans will review the committee recommendations, consult with the Senior Vice President, select the awardees and submit those names to the Provost.

  • IFAS Selection Criteria

    The primary selection criteria will be a) the faculty member’s performance in assigned areas of responsibility in the past five years and b) potential for sustained and future accomplishment.

    • Candidates must be nominated by their unit leader. Unit leaders are not eligible for these awards.
    • Candidates must have annual evaluations of Commendable or Exemplary in all areas for each of the last five annual evaluations
    • For nominees with at least 0.2 FTE research appointment, recognized research accomplishments and leadership as documented by high quality and quantity of refereed scholarly journal publications; successful grantsmanship with PI leadership; and evidence of research impacts through citations of publications or other evidence as appropriate to the field of study.
    • For nominees with at least 0.2 FTE teaching appointment, excellent teaching performance at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels; development of state-of-the-art courses and use of impactful teaching techniques; and evidence of scholarship and/or leadership in teaching.
    • For nominees with at least 0.2 FTE extension appointment and for permanent status track Extension agents, proactive participation and leadership in extension priorities and initiative teams through the planning (needs assessment and setting measurable objectives), implementation (marketing and delivery), and evaluation of programs; documentation of the scholarship and application of extension programs by publishing in appropriate venues (e.g., EDIS, trade journals, Journal of Extension, videos, curricula, etc.); and, evidence of program impacts (adoption of new practices and/or changes in social, environmental, and/or economic conditions).
    • For all tenure track nominees, high quality of student mentorship at the undergraduate and/or graduate student level as evidenced by awards and honors received, publications co-authored and presentations made by students.
    • For all nominees, a record of professional service, both within and outside the university.