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UF/IFAS Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion

UF/IFAS Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion

Search & Screening Guide 2022

Send all materials to IFAS Faculty Recruitment
Phone: 352-392-4777
Fax: 352-392-3226

Guidance for Zoom Interviews

Communication about Zoom Interviews

For Hiring Managers and Search Committees: Guide for Conducting Meetings and Interviews Using Zoom

Keep Zoom Secure

Interview Process for People with Hearing Loss (interpreting services)

Pre-Search Preparation

Dept./Center Personnel Liason Initiates

Tenure track positions: The IFAS VP AND the IFAS Deans require you to utilize the Search Advocate Program. After the Dean has given informal approval of position to unit leader, the unit leader assembles the search committee and sends IFAS HR (Dana) the names of 2 potential Search Advocates. The unit leader and search committee create the position announcement and consult with the Search Advocate during creation/editing process. Sample Criteria Matrix below.


Non tenure track positions: utilizing the Search Advocate Program is optional at this time. You are encouraged to use the Criteria Matrix when crafting your position announcement.


All searches: consider scheduling the search in reverse (when do you want to hire, interview, screen, launch)


Position Announcement Template

Inclusive Statements for Job Advertisements

List of IFAS Search Advocates

Search Advocate Guidelines  

Criteria Matrix (Excel)

DEI focused Interview Questions and Strategies from UF College of the Arts

Step 1

Dept./Center Personnel Liason Initiates

Submit below documents electronically to IFAS HR (Dana) to obtain Dean/VP signatures (forms are used for both tenure and non-tenure track positions):

  • Position detail form
  • Position Announcement
  • Search and Screening Committee Template
  • Advertising Form
    • For a tenure-track faculty search, the VP office (via the IFAS Budget and Finance office) will reimburse your department up to $2000 for search-related needs (advertisements, travel).  For a more complex search (e.g., department chair, REC director) the VP office will reimburse up to $3000. General advice is to consider what aspects of a search can be handled on Zoom and when to best bring in candidate(s) for in person meetings, etc. 

Step 2a

Dept./Center Personnel Liason Initiates

IFAS HR (Dana) attends 1st committee meeting prior to advertisement of position to discuss HR perspective and search and screening tutorial questions. Katie Davison - Immigration also attends to discuss immigration/visa perspective.

Step 2b

Search and Screening Chair initiates

Have screeners complete search and screening tutorial (login to MyTraining at and search for course code PVO800).

Non-UF search committee members will need to be added to myUFL by the department as a Person of Interest and create a Gatorlink in order to view the training. Send UF-ID and training certificate to for security role and applicant pool access.

Faculty Search Committee Toolkit

Review prior to first search committee meeting:

Step 3

IFAS HR initiates

IFAS HR will post approved position on Careers at UF and obtain requisition number to be placed in all other announcements. Will automatically post on IFAS HR Website and Chronicle of Higher Education (web only).

Step 4

Search and Screening Chair initiates

Public Meeting Notice in a dept/center location that has public access. Also send meeting details to for electronic posting. Post 3-7 days prior to search committee meetings

UF Public comment policy

Step 5

Search and Screening Chair initiates

Final Search and Screen Committee Meeting:  establishes short list of candidates; submit Short List Form to Dana for review BEFORE candidates are invited for on-campus interviews (tenure track positions: interview with all 3 Deans, regardless of TRE split. Non-tenure track positions: interview in the Deans' offices as appropriately aligned with the TRE split noted in the position description)

Step 6

Search and Screening Chair initiates

Request position closing date (email Dana) if position was posted as open until filled.

Step 7

Hiring Authority in Department initiates

For REC Directors - discuss final decision on candidate for position offer with the relevant academic department chair prior to contacting Deans.

All unit leaders - discuss offer with Dean(s) PRIOR to negotiations; forward position announcement and position detail form to Dean(s). Tenure track: discuss with all Deans regardless of TRE split. Non-tenure track: discuss with Dean(s) according to TRE split in position description.

Step 8

Hiring authority initiates

Letter of Offer: must contact Susan Hudson for letter template prior to issuing

If hiring a foreign national that will need visa sponsorship, contact Katie Davison

Step 9

Search and Screening Chair initiates

Submit Careers at UF Closeout Form to Dana LeCuyer (contact info above)