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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources

Work/Leave options during COVID-19

During this stressful time, we would like to point out some options and programs that are available to you as a UF employee. Please note that you can call and discuss your personal situation with any of our IFAS HR team members. Your local IFAS human resources liaison is also available to help you.

The CDC updated COVID guidance on August 11, 2022 to include the following: 

  • If you are exposed to COVID-19 and do not have symptoms, you no longer need to quarantine. You should wear a high-quality mask (N95) for 10 days and monitor your symptoms.
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you should isolate for 5 days if the symptoms are mild. Isolate for 10 days if symptoms are severe. Get tested. Testing is encouraged again 5 full days after exposure.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, you should isolate for 5 days and wear a high-quality mask (N95) for 5 additional days. Isolation begins on the day after symptoms developed or after testing positive if you do not have symptoms.
  • If you receive a negative COVID-19 test, you may return to school/work activity.