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UF/IFAS Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion

UF/IFAS Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion

Work/Leave options during COVID-19

During this stressful time, we would like to point out some options and programs that are available to you as a UF employee. Please note that you can call and discuss your personal situation with any of our IFAS HRD&I team members. Your local IFAS human resources liaison is also available to help you.

8/24/2020 update

Telework Pay Guidance

How to utilize your options during this time:

1. What work needs to done in your area that you have not had time to do before? Talk to your supervisor about this.

2. What trainings can you take that you never had time to take before?

3. Utilize the Emergency Sick (ESD) leave 80 hours.

4. Utilize the ESD hours intermittently to cover when full time work is not available and to ensure the costs of your medical premiums are covered.

5. Utilize the Emergency Family Medical Leave (EFMLEA) if you fit the criteria; talk to Leticia Forster in IFAS Employee Relations

6. Utilize regular FMLA if you are ill or meet other criteria; talk to Leticia Forster in IFAS Employee Relations

7. Use a combination of annual and sick leave and leave without pay within the week to cover your medical premiums. Find out from IFAS Benefits how much you need to cover. Email Kathy Higgs at

8. Once all leave is gone request hours from the Leave Donation Pool

9. You can maintain some personal leave, be on leave without pay and still file for unemployment.

10. You will not lose your medical benefits as long as you pay your employee portion. You can pay by check. Contact Kathy Higgs IFAS Benefits and find out how to do this.

11. You can request assistance for some portion of your bills from Aid-A Gator. They can't pay all of your bill, and they can’t pay all bills, but they may provide some relief for a portion.