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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources

New Researcher and Research Support Screening

All candidates for researcher and research support positions are required to undergo additional screening.  This screening will be conducted in collaboration between UF Human Resources and UF Research Integrity, Security and Compliance (RISC).

Researcher/Research Support is defined by UF as “any UF person who directs or conducts research or creates research materials or receives training in the conduct of research or a person who collects, manipulates, manages or controls access to research data or research activities or other sensitive data.”  These positions may involve external oversight for conducting activities, however the source of funds does not dictate the coding of researcher or research support positions. These positions can include scholarly activities.

  • Faculty

    All faculty recruitment must be initiated by Dana LeCuyer in IFAS Human Resources.  There are no significant changes to this process except that the final candidate will be reviewed prior to an offer being extended.  Contact Dana Lecuyer at to move the final candidate into the researcher screening process and she will let the unit know when an offer may be made.

  • TEAMS/OPS/Postdocs (recruited through PageUp)

    It is the responsibility of the unit to mark "yes" in PageUp if the posting being recruited is a researcher or research support.

    • Once the applicant is marked as “Recommended for Hire/Clearance Request”, the applicant will be asked to complete a supplemental questionnaire.
    • You will see four new application statuses within PageUp:
      • Request Clearance for Researcher Hire
      • Researcher Hire Under Core HR Review
      • Under RISC Review
      • Clear for Offer
    • Once the applicant is "Cleared for Offer by RISC", the unit may proceed with their verbal/written offer

    **Note:  Only the final applicant may be reviewed by RISC.  Do not send them a request for secondary choice unless the offer is declined by the primary choice.

  • Direct Hires (not recruited through PageUp)

    For research and research support hires who have NOT completed an application in PageUp:

    • The HR Liaison will contact the candidate by email. The email sent to the candidate will contain a link to an unlisted posting designated for their specific type of hire.
    • Once the candidate is directed to the unlisted posting, they will select the “Apply Now” button and complete the essential candidate information form and supplemental questionnaire.
    • When the questionnaire is submitted by the candidate, UFHR will receive an automatic email notification in PageUp.
    • Once the candidate is cleared to move forward in the hiring process, UFHR will notify the hiring department.
  • Students

    UF RISC will not be reviewing UF graduate or undergraduate students through these processes. Students are reviewed during the application and acceptance process. These include all Student Assistants (STAS) and Graduate Assistants (GA09, GA12). They will not go through a personnel screening process at time of hire since they will have already been screened based on their student status.

  • International Scholars

      UF invites and hosts International Scholars and International Visitors (collectively, “International Scholars”) for collaboration in research, teaching, extension and service activities. These visits must receive approval from UF RISC prior to the extension of a formal invitation.

      International Scholars – individuals who are coming to the University on a J-1 visa sponsored by UF.  This includes all J-1 visa applicants designated as a Professor, Research Scholar, or Short-Term Scholars. (excluding undergraduate or graduate students)

        International Visitors – individuals who are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents, who do not meet the definition of International Scholars and are coming to the University for a period of thirty (30) or more days. (excluding undergraduate or graduate students)

        Prior to extending a formal invitation to  an International Scholar or International Visitor the unit must submit an International Scholar Review request to the International Scholars Review Portal.  Review requests must be submitted to the portal at least thirty (30) days prior to the extension of the Invitation or at least thirty (30) days prior to any UF imposed visa-processing deadline. The Sponsoring Department may not extend an Invitation until it receives written approval from UF RISC.

        International Visitors coming the University for less than 30 days must still undergo a Visual Compliance by IFAS International Support Team.  Please contact for more information.