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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources

Relocation/Transferring Faculty

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 1, 2002

Reviewed 3/26/19

The SR Vice President of Agriculture and Natural Resources has authority and responsibility for the management of IFAS and its resources. Due to the statewide location of IFAS facilities, it may be necessary to relocate faculty to meet organizational (programmatic and/or budgetary) needs. If and when the need arises to relocate faculty, the following guidelines will be used:

  1. The SR Vice President will identify and articulate the programmatic or budgetary reason for a relocation or transfer of faculty from their current assigned location. This would include input from appropriate Deans and others at the discretion of the SR Vice President.
  2. Faculty who meet the criteria noted in the programmatic or budgetary need will be asked to volunteer for relocation. A specific date for reply within 45 days is appropriate.
  3. A relocation time table will be negotiated with the volunteer(s) based on the needs of the program and the volunteer's desire to move. In no instance should the time table exceed twelve (12) months. Moving expenses will be paid per University guidelines. [If the faculty member elects to delay the move of household effects for personal reasons, he/she will have up to two years within which IFAS will still pay the authorized, one-time, moving expenses.]
  4. If a suitable volunteer is not available or if volunteers are not feasible given the situation (e.g., closing a program), the SR Vice President may select and relocate faculty that meet the noted needs. Such decisions will be communicated through the unit leaders. Upon written request by the faculty member, a conference will be scheduled with the SR Vice President, the faculty member, and others as deemed appropriate by the SR Vice President (i.e. Deans, Department Chair, Center Director) to address the faculty member's questions. If practicable, six (6) months notice will be given to the faculty member and moving expenses will be paid per University guidelines. 
  5. If a transfer/relocation is made solely at the request of a faculty member and subsequently approved by IFAS administration, moving expenses may be paid by the University.

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