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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources

Employment of Relatives/Nepotism

EFFECTIVE DATE: February 28, 2002

Reviewed 3/26/19

SUBJECT: UF/IFAS; Employment of Relatives/Nepotism

  1. The University of Florida's policy with respect to employment of relatives (or related persons) is found in Rule 6C1-1.009 of the Florida Administrative Code. In general, a relative may not supervise another relative. Also, an individual may not be hired into a unit in which his/her relative has or would have any direct supervision or influence over the individual's supervisor. The University's full definition of who is considered a related person is found in this rule. IFAS further defines a related person as a member of the same economic family unit.

    Requests for approval should be submitted through the IFAS Human Resources Office PRIOR to the offer of employment. In turn, appropriate administrative authorization will be sought. If approved for employment, a person employed under this policy will have the same rights and privileges as any other University employee. 
  2. IFAS administrative units are defined as:
    1. Office of Administration (located on Gainesville campus). This includes the offices of the SR Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Human Resources, International Programs, Planning and Budgeting, Business Services, Communications Services, Facilities Planning and Operations, and Information Technologies
    2. College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
    3. Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
    4. Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
    5. School of Forest Resources and Conservation
    6. Departments
    7. Research and Education Centers
    8. Extension Demonstration Units
    9. County Extension Offices
  3. Example: A person related to the Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences applies for University employment. Since the Dean has direct and/or ultimate responsibility for academic programs as well as that of an administrative officer, this applicant cannot be placed anywhere in the academic programs or in a primary administrative office, but he/she he may be placed elsewhere in the research or the extension programs. The same would be true for similar situations involving the Deans for Research and Extension, Director of the School of Forest Resources and Conservation, Chairs, Center Directors, etc.

Exceptions to this policy may be submitted to the IFAS Human Resources Office; such an exception will be subject to approval by the SR Vice President of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Further information on the employment of relatives and nepotism policy of the University of Florida may be found in 6C1-1.009, Florida Administrative Code and Vol. 1, Chapter 7-1.6.8 of the University of Florida Administrative Affairs Business Procedures Handbook



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