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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources


On behalf of your IFAS HR Team – Welcome to IFAS!


There are several important items in this message:


Welcome to IFAS - SVP Scott Angle (video)

Welcome to CALS - Dean Elaine Turner (video)

Welcome to Extension - Dean Andra Johnson (video)

Welcome to Research - Dean Rob Gilbert (video)


An Introduction to Benefits for Non-Clinical Faculty

New Faculty Enrollment Information

As a newly hired Faculty member, you have 60 days from your date of hire to complete benefit elections for the State Benefits (administered by People Firstand/or the UF Select benefits (administered by the University of Florida).

Should you not enroll as a new hire, the next opportunity to enroll in benefits will be during open enrollment which occurs during select times in October of every year.  If you are enrolled, you may change or cancel benefits during open enrollment.


  • Benefit Options

    Benefit Options Webpage – carefully review all options before enrolling to ensure you’ve signed up for the plan you intended to and avoid duplication of coverage.

  • Premiums Information

    Premiums Information Webpage

    • State Benefits are prepaid 30-days in advance.
    • UF Select Benefits are paid the month of coverage.
    • There will be a doubling of premiums to make up for any missed payrolls
  • Enrollment Guides

    Enrollment Guides Webpage

    • State Benefits / People First Portal Link
      • ID number can be found in myUFL - Main Menu > My Self Service > Benefits > PFID and Beneficiary  (48 hours after employment record is activated)
      • People First Customer Service Number - 866-663-4735
      • Select ‘New Hire’ event and follow the prompts
    • UF Select Benefits - myUFL > My Self Service > Benefits > Benefits Enrollment
  • State Retirement Plans

    State Retirement Plans Webpage

    You are mandated to participate in a State Retirement Plan and contribute 3% of your salary into the account.  Most members are eligible to participate in the State University System Optional Retirement Program (SUSORP), Florida Retirement System (FRS) Investment or FRS Pension.  Detailed information about each of those plans can be found at the links below:


    1. Select a SUSORP Provider and establish an SUSORP Contract with that provider (contact a local provider for an appointment)
    2. Complete sections I and III of the ORP-ENROLL form – The middle column (required) total must be 5.14% and column on right hand side is Voluntary/Optional.
    3. Fax the form to the IFAS Human Resources office at: 352-392-3226

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FRS INVESTMENT or FRS PENSION PLAN ENROLLMENT steps:

    1. Complete sections I and II of the ORP-ENROLL Form and fax to our office at 352-392-3226 and
    2. Complete the ELE-Form and fax to the FRS Plan Choice Administrator at 1-888-310-5559

    State Retirement plan enrollment must be completed within 90 days from your date of hire.

  • Voluntary Savings Account

    Voluntary Savings Account Webpage

    You may voluntarily contribute to the UF 403(b) and/or the Florida Deferred Compensation 457 plan up to each plan’s separate IRS limit.  

    Participation in voluntary retirement plan(s) is not subject to ‘Benefits Open Enrollment’ limitations – you can start, change, or stop contributions at any time.  The employer does not contribute to these plans.  Both plans are intended to supplement your State Retirement Plan or act as a stand-alone plan.  

  • Required Training

    The following courses are required for all UF employees. Please check with your unit for any training that is required for your specific position.

    To register, please visit MyTraining and search for the course number and/or title.

    GET803 Maintaining a safe and Respectful Campus

    To support UF’s vision of an academic and work environment free of discrimination, UF Human Resources requires completion of the online training program “Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Campus.” Every employee of the university (faculty; TEAMS/USPS; and all OPS)—that is, anyone who receives a paycheck from the University of Florida—is expected to complete this training. New hires are expected to meet this training requirement within the first 30 days of employment and provide their certificate of training completion to appropriate department personnel. Training is expected of all faculty and staff every two years.

    ITT102 Protecting UF: Information Security Training

    The purpose of this training is to support a security conscious environment that begins with educating our UF community about restricted data, the cloud and sharing, and common cyber security risks and strategies to protect your digital identity and university data. Completion of this course is required within 30 days for new hires and must be retaken on an annual basis.

    OOC101 Compliance and Ethics: Doing Your Part for the Gator Good

    All UF employees are required to take this training (Compliance and Ethics: Doing Your Part for the Gator Good) upon hire and every two years. The course content describes the structure of UF’s compliance and ethics program and why the program is important. It discusses the Florida Code of Ethics and some of the responsibilities UF employees share and explains how to report any compliance and ethics concerns.


  • Other helpful links