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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources


 (does not apply to county extension faculty offer letters)


From the IFAS Search & Screening Guide:


  • For REC Directors - discuss final decision on candidate for position offer with the relevant academic department chair prior to contacting Deans.
  • All unit leaders - discuss offer with Dean(s) PRIOR to negotiations; forward position announcement and position request form to Dean(s). Tenure track: discuss with all Deans regardless of TRE split. Non-tenure track: discuss with Dean(s) according to TRE split in position description.
  • Researcher and Researcher Support screening
    • If applicable, the final candidate will be reviewed by the UF Research Integrity, Security and Compliance office prior to an offer being extended. This step will be automatically initiated when the Pre-Verbal offer form is submitted.
    • Researcher/Research Support is defined by UF as “any UF person who directs or conducts research or creates research materials or receives training in the conduct of research or a person who collects, manipulates, manages or controls access to research data or research activities or other sensitive data.” These positions may involve external oversight for conducting activities, however the source of funds does not dictate the coding of researcher or research support positions. These positions can include scholarly activities.
  • Initiate faculty offer letter - updated January 2024

    NEW PROCESS January 2024:



    Upon submission of this form, UF/IFAS HR will contact the candidate to complete the Research/Research Support screening process (if applicable) and the relevant Dean(s) for their approval

    - tenure track: all Deans regardless of TRE split

    - non-tenure track: Dean(s) according to TRE split in position description).

    Pre-Verbal offer form (MS Forms, Gatorlink login required):

    - requires upload of candidate CV

    Offer letter

    Letter of Offer: Please submit the Request to Initiate Offer Letter (faculty) (Microsoft Forms, Gatorlink login required). Once completed, you will receive a template for your offer letter from IFAS HR.

    Please note - to avoid delays: if through negotiations, salary and/or startup differs from the approved pre-verbal offer form, an updated pre-verbal offer form must be submitted for review/approval.

    After the form has been received by IFAS HR, the appropriate offer letter template will be sent to unit.  When the template is complete, send the letter to Amanda Lovins unsigned, as a Word document on your departmental letterhead.  IFAS HR will get final approval from the deans and put the letter and addendum into DocuSign for signatures.  The unit HRL will be cc’d on the offer letter in DocuSign.


    IFAS HR will work with the unit on any issues involving research screening, foreign nationals, or nepotisms.

  • Update Job Data - Sept 2022

    NEW PROCESS Sept 2022:

    Before entering the hire ePAF, the unit must enter an ePAF to update Position Data:

               Position number must be active.

               Position title must be correct.

               Add TRE to Summary of Position Roles & Responsibilities.

    Use this EXACT format:


    Failure to use the exact format will result in the data not being able to be pulled into the report.

    After the TRE, enter a space then add the Duties and Responsibilities from the Position Announcement.  The standard, generic material should be deleted.