9 Month Faculty


From these links you can find information regarding the initial (2018) 12 month to 9 month conversion program as well as information regarding the changes that will occur during the first transition year for those who participated in the first phase program.

Continuous assignment from 8/16 to 5/15 except for legal and UF holidays

  1. Labor Day
  2. UF Homecoming (if applicable)
  3. Veterans Day
  4. Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday and Friday)
  5. Christmas Day
  6. Holiday Closing Period (2009: December 28 to December 31)
  7. New Year’s Day
  8. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday

Does not extend mandatory tenure review period

Payroll and Benefits

  1. Annualized base salary reduced to 81.8 percent
  2. Biweekly gross salary increased to achieve the 81.8 percent
  3. No pay for period of no assignment
  4. Retirement contributions reduced accordingly
  5. Pension plan participants will receive service credit for an entire year
  6. Employer’s annual contribution to health insurance is unchanged
  7. Employer’s annual contribution to life insurance expense and coverage level is determined by the employee’s annual salary so this would decrease
  8. Double payroll deductions for employee for the 1st and 2nd paydays of February, March and April; and first payday in May
  9. Funding for professional development travel or similar is permissible during the period of no assignment

Sick Leave

  1. Current balance rolls over and is accessible for use after conversion
  2. Sick leave accrues based on hours worked after conversion
  3. Vacation Leave
  4. Unavailable for use after conversion even if held in balance
  5. No additional vacation leave accrues


  1. Paid for official holidays during assignment
  2. No pay for holidays when on break from assignment (summer)


Additional Information and Resources


Program Information


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9 Month Summer Letter (.doc)