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UF/IFAS Human Resources

UF/IFAS Human Resources

IFAS Diversity & Inclusion

Search Advocate

The IFAS VP and the IFAS Deans also require you to utilize the Search Advocate Program.

Please review the list of Search Advocates and select the name of an advocate to be added as a guest to your search process.

Each Search Advocate is a consultant/participant who advances inclusive excellence by asking questions to help committee members test their thinking, identifying and promoting practices that advance diversity and social justice, and minimizes the impacts of cognitive and structural biases. As external committee members, advocates are able to explore assumptions, norms, and practices that an internal member might not question. The search advocate plays a vital role in position development, recruitment, screening, interviews, references, evaluation, and integration of the new faculty or staff member into the institution. In partnership with the search chair, search committee members, and hiring official, the search advocate affirms a commitment to inclusive excellence.

IFAS Search Advocates

Broaddus, Brent E: 100
Davis, James Edward,Jr E:100 
Diem, Keith T:20 E:80 
DiGennaro, Peter T:30 R:70 
Farina, Lisa Lee 
Kadyampakeni, Davie M  R:70 E:30 
Klinger, Kimberly K  
Mcauslane, Heather J  T:10 R:90  
Montazeri, Naim  T:40 R:60  
Moores, Nancy Ann  E:100  
Pabon, Eva M  E:100  
Reisinger, AJ  R:40 E:60  
Roberts, Grady  T:50 R:50  
Sarkhosh, Ali R:40 E:60
Valencia, Laura  E:100  
White, Ethan P  T:30 R:70