Effective; December 2016

Reviewed 3/26/19


In alignment with the university’s strategic goal of continuing its dedication to research, extension and

teaching, IFAS has established the IFAS Faculty Program Enhancement Plan (FPEP). Under this plan, IFAS

faculty members are encouraged to recover their salary plus fringe benefits from grants and contracts or

similar non-state funds excluding UF Foundation/SHARE funds. This will be proportionate with their

percent effort on those grants or contracts unless prohibited by granting agency policy. The plan

provides a financial incentive that may be used to provide support for their faculty program and unit.


1) Eligibility for the IFAS Faculty Program Enhancement Plan

a) All state-funded faculty members are eligible to apply to participate in the FPEP. The FPEP only

applies to that portion of salaries paid normally from State of Florida general revenues and for

faculty approved by the Deans to participate in the FPEP.

b) A supplemental fund allocation for the faculty program is awarded under the FPEP only to those

faculty members receiving an evaluation of “commendable” or better on all assigned duty

categories (Teaching, Research, Extension) during the academic year in which the enhancement

funds are earned.

c) To be eligible to receive the enhancement funds, a faculty member must be employed by IFAS at

the time the funds are allocated. If a faculty member leaves UF, no distribution will be made for

that fiscal year regardless of the amount of salary plus fringe benefits savings for that faculty

member during the fiscal year.

d) Faculty members who enter the program are expected to maintain or enhance their historic

performance. For example, the number of graduate students supported and mentored,

extension educational programs conducted, and number and quality of courses taught should

be maintained or enhanced.

e) FPEP applications are only accepted for a single year. If the award is multi-year, the PI must

reapply for the FPEP covering the new year. Distribution to the grant projects can only take

place after full approval and can only be effective during the current and future dates.



2) Allocation of Enhancement Funds

a) Faculty will receive an annual distribution consisting of a proportion of all salary plus fringe

benefits that they recover from grants and contracts.

b) A distribution of less than $100 will not be paid nor carried forward.

c) Distribution is made once each year on or about October 1 following the end of the fiscal year in

which the enhancement funds are earned.


3) Implementation of the IFAS Faculty Program Enhancement Plan

a) Beginning January 1, 2017, until amended by the SVP and Deans, salary plus fringe benefits

savings shall be distributed as follows:

i) An allocation of 100% of the amount of salary plus fringe benefits savings that are recovered

shall be made available for distribution.

ii) Distribution of the payment may be determined by the faculty member under the following


Up to 75% of the savings may be used for the faculty member’s program.

A minimum of 25% will be allocated to the unit leader to support the unit’s programs.

b) The salary plus fringe benefits savings funds allocated to the units may be used as per policy set

separately by each unit. However, each unit is expected to maintain graduate student

enrollment. This may be accomplished by providing salary plus fringe benefits savings funds for

graduate stipends; by more aggressively seeking support for graduate students on research and

training grants or other sources of extramural support; and by enrollment of more fully or

partially self-supporting graduate students.

c) In the event the faculty member cannot meet the expectations of the contract due to decreased

or cessation of grant funding, no savings will be allocated.






4) Comments:

a) Departments must expend the returned funds in the fiscal year in which they are returned.

b) The maximum amount for an FPEP is 25% of the faculty member’s total salary paid from state

revenue. This does not limit the faculty effort or distribution, only the allocation.

c) All program enhancement distributions are subject to the approval of the SVP and Deans.

d) Retroactive distributions will not be approved.

e) After the form has been completed and reviewed by the unit leader, please forward to IFAS

Human Resources.