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Katie Davison is our new Immigration Compliance Services Coordinator.

Powerpoint presentation - Roundtable 2-12-19

Post-Doctoral Associates
Effective, July 31, 2018, UFHR/ICS will no longer sponsor incoming Post-Doctoral Associates (PDA) for the H-1B employment status.
Options would be F1/OPT, J1 Professor/Researcher Program or the TN visa for Canadian/Mexican citizens.
A Post-Doctoral title has become unsuitable for an H-1B due to the high costs associated with filing it and the on-going prevailing wage determination issues with the Department of Labor. In addition, UF policy dictates a four-year term in a PDA title and the H-1B is filed in three-year increments.
H-1B status is available only to eligible and qualified foreign nationals, who will hold a position classified as a “specialty occupation.” These occupations/positions are recognized by the HR Immigration Compliance Services Office as those that require a bachelor’s or higher level degree in a field that qualifies the applicant to perform the position’s required duties. A position that requires bachelor’s degree in any field, rather than in a field that is directly related to the duties of the position, will not meet the requirements for the category of “specialty occupations.” For TEAMS positions, the specific bachelor’s or higher level degree required for the position must be stated in the position description.


Hiring a new non-immigrant employee

Information and documents to be supplied by the hiring department:  and

  1. LOO – Letter of Offer
  2. LOA – Letter of Addendum
  3. CTTD – Controlled Technology/Technical Data License Compliance Attestation
  4. AWR – Actual Wage Report
  5. AWRM – Actual Wage Report Memorandum

[templates will be provided for the above information]

Information and documents to be provided by the employee:

  1. CV – Curriculum Vitae
  2. Degree
  3. Degree Transcripts
  4. ACE – Academic Credential Equivalency – if foreign issued degree, the degree must have a third-party English translation and a US-equivalency report
  5. Passport / Visa Information
    1. Biometrics page
    2. All current and previous visas, I-797, I-20, DS-2019, Employment Authorization cards
    3. Any receipt or approval notices related to an active green card application
    4. Latest I-94 record and travel history
    5. 212(e), if subject, on current or previous J-1 programs
      1. Confirmation the 2-year home residency requirement has been met, or
      2. I-612 Waiver
  6. Travel Plans to occur within the following 9-12 months
  7. Contact Information
    1. Email address to remain active during application process
    2. Phone number to remain active during application process