IFAS Diversity and Inclusion


Highlighting Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Efforts in the IFAS Community


List of Programs/Initiatives (August 2019).

Contact the presenter for additional information regarding their program and the ability to offer it in your unit.

Some examples from the IFAS list of programs/initiatives include:


Broadening Participation of Women and Underrepresented Minorities in STEM through a Hybrid Online Transfer Program



Search Advocate Program

IFAS Dedicated Immigration Consultant



Ally Skills Workshops ( sample)



Antonio Farias Video September 26, 2019: "What Can Educators Do to Promote Inclusive

Educational Environments?"

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IFAS Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The University of Florida is committed to creating a community that reflects the rich racial, cultural and ethnic diversity of the state and nation. Towards this end, the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida is committed to providing a welcoming and respectful environment for all students and employees.

The Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group, facilitated by the Director of IFAS Human Resources, brings leadership to the IFAS diversity initiatives.
The committee has a three-part mission:
1) meeting the objectives initiated by the UF Diversity Officer,
2) enhancing cultural competency in IFAS, and
3) promoting efforts to understand and enhance equity through teaching, research and extension

The committee consists of a cross section of respective areas of IFAS and members were nominated by IFAS Deans.


The Committee is charged to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Develop and maintain an effective ongoing employee educational program designed to foster and ensure a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive environment for all.
  • Assess IFAS efforts focused on diversity and recommendations for development to meet the diverse needs of the University’s students and faculty.
  • Assess recruitment and employment and development policies and practices.
  • Plan and participate in programs highlighting IFAS’s commitment to diversity such as speakers, exhibits, presentations, and campus initiatives.
  • Collaborate and liaise with appropriate units on campus, such as the Disability Resource CenterMulticultural and Diversity AffairsUF Office of Graduate Diversity Initiatives, Multicultural Student Organizations, International Student ServicesOffice of Veteran Affairs, the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, and UF Training and Organizational Development.
  • Publicize IFAS ‘s diversity efforts through use of collateral material, such as, posters, banners, and bookmarks.
  • Maintain a Web presence.
  • Develop an Annual Action Plan in collaboration with Administration
  • Submit an Annual Report, in support of the annual Florida Educational Equity Act Report.


Denise Bogart Director, IFAS HR IFAS HR dbogart@ufl.edu
AJ Reisinger Assistant Professor SWS; Urban Soil & Water Quality reisingera@ufl.edu
Britta Osborne Biology Advisor II CALS Dean's  Office bosborne@ufl.edu
Davie Kadyampakeni Asst Professor CREC Horticulture dkadyampakeni@ufl.edu
Diane Rowland Professor; Interim Chair Agronomy dlrowland@ufl.edu
Dr. Sally Williams AS Professor AS wsallyk@ufl.edu
Ethan White Associate Professor Wildlife Ecology ethanwhite@ufl.edu
Eva Pabon Extension Agent 1 REC--Osceola epabon5@ufl.edu
Grady Roberts Professor AEC groberts@ufl.edu
Heather McAuslane Professor; Assistant Dean CAL's Dean's Office hjmca@ufl.edu
Karla Shelnutt Associate Professor FYCS  kpagan@ufl.edu
Keith Diem Professor;Ext. Specialist FYCS; Diversity and Inclusion keithdiem@ufl.edu
Laura Valencia Extension Agent I Osceloa County lauraval@ufl.edu
Lisa Farina Clinical Assoc. Professor Vet Med farinal@ufl.edu
Lyn Gettys Assistant Professor Agronomy--Ft. Lauderdale REC lgettys@ufl.edu
Michael Olexa Professor; Center Director FRE olexa@ufl.edu
Naim Montazeri Assistant Professor FSHN nmontazeri@ufl.edu
Nancy Moore Extension Agent III 4-H Hernando nmoores@ufl.edu
Peter Digennaro Assistant Professor Entomology & Nematology pdigennaro@ufl.edu
Benita Bannis Ast Director, IST Research bbannis@ufl.edu
Dail Laughinghouse Ast Professor FLREC-Ft Lauderdale hlaughinghouse@ufl.edu
Dana LeCuyer HR Specialist III IFAS Human Resources dlecuyer@ufl.edu
Taylor Stein Professor Forestry Resources & Conserv tstein@ufl.edu
Laurie Hurner County Extension Director
& Agent III
Highlands County lhurner@ufl.edu
Megan Mann County Extension Director
& Extension Agent II
Lake County horsygrl@ufl.edu
Christine Kelly-Begazo County Extension Director
& Extension Agent III
Indian River County ckellybe@ufl.edu

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