Tenure, Permanent Status & Promotion

Permanent status and promotion are major forms of recognition of accomplishments and contributions by faculty in accordance with the mission and objectives of UF/IFAS, and in accordance with procedures of the University academic community.  Therefore, UF/IFAS makes every effort to base its recommendations for permanent status and promotion on careful and judicious procedures which guarantee faculty rights and responsibilities established in the University's rule and which enable UF/IFAS to reward scholarship and professional achievement.

IFAS Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that the UF/IFAS permanent status and promotion procedures are followed.  Contact Mary Anne Morgan marym@ufl.edu or Susan Hudson susan-hudson@ufl.edu  with any procedural questions. 

Please contact your District Director with questions regarding unit timelines and the programmatic content of your packet.

  • 2016-2017 Tenure / Permanent Status and Promotion deadlines dates
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  • Tenure / Permanent Status / Promotion Workshop for IFAS Staff
  • 2016 Tenure / Permanent Status and Promotion Workshop Schedule
  •  Provost 2016-2017 Guidelines